SCION S23 Smartphone – Vida flagship phone where Performance meets Design.

SCION S23 Smartphone – Vida flagship phone where Performance meets Design.

SCION S23 Smartphone – Vida flagship phone where Performance meets Design. 

If you’re happy living in Android’s world, or at least don’t mind putting up with it, then the SCION S23 smartphone should reward you with an excellent return on your investment. 

In what looks like a great-value alternative, the Scion S23 joins the ranks of Vida handsets and is actually a worthwhile upgrade on the new flagship product of Vida mobiles. The phone delivers the best of everything.  

The Scion S23, as impressive as it may be, comes with a 2.5D AG Glass Back Cover that gives a premium mirror silk feel. The side-mounted Fingerprint sensor makes it relatively easier to enable functions. To add to this, the phone has a premium-looking body with dimensions of 164.75*76.3*8.9 mm which makes it a light, sturdy vlogger efficient phone that can be used even for professional use.

What’s surprising is the Practical UI Design! With a modern and intuitive interface, discovering the power of dido OS is easy. The software is designed to be both powerful, easy to operate, and accessible for all users, regardless of experience level. It provides a range of features that can be quickly and easily configured to meet your needs.

OS is designed to be light and fast, while still providing a full suite of features that can be tailored to fit your needs.

The Helio G37 combines a powerful 2.3GHz octa-core processor, and a 12nm highly efficient process, to deliver a smooth and efficient user experience. It also features a high-performance graphics processor with up to 2.3GHz, allowing users to enjoy stunning visuals on their S23 device. It’s paired with 4GB RAM+ 128GB ROM which is more than you’ll find on most other midrange phones. With up to 256GB expandable ROM your phone will be able to handle multitasking and gaming without any noticeable lag or slowdown.

Additionally, the G37 offers enhanced power efficiency and great multimedia capabilities, allowing for an immersive gaming and entertainment experience.

The Scion S23 comes with a 50MP HD camera +2MP+QVGA Triple Rear Camera setup lens making it an excellent choice for you to capture the best of everything. With an accurate image processor and focusing this lens provides a versatile zoom range and an autofocus system that gives you professional-level results.

The front 16MP Selfie Camera has a selectable background blurring feature is a perfect way to upgrade your selfie sessions and take your photography to the next level.

The high-resolution PPI on the S23 delivers a rich display and lets you turn to macro mode to discover the beauty of the tiniest things and enter into a whole new micro-world to enjoy the finest details that deliver stunning images with rich colors and picture clarity.

The Smart HD Camera also provides an array of creative tools, filters, effects, and special settings for creative control.

With the AI Beauty mode, you can easily enhance the beauty of your photos with customized facial features, skin tones, and independent scene modes. You can also use the AI Portrait mode to create stunning portraits and capture videos with accurate depth-of-field, easy frame the views even in different scenes, delivering a professional-like shooting experience. The camera also offers a variety of special effects, such as light painting, time-lapse, and slow-motion video recording, to help you capture and create fun and creative videos.  Can be a definite buy for vloggers and influencers!

AI mode of S23 will intelligently identify 13 independent scenes, with professional mode for exclusive optimization of different scenes, made for capturing beautiful and clear photos to memorize your best moments.

The Scion S23 has an attractive screen. A larger-than-life display experience with a 6.517’’ HD+ 90 Hz screen display delivering 1600*720 high resolution and a waterdrop screen built of 20:9 gives a convenient game space and an immersive visual experience.

Its 5000 mAh long-lasting battery life and power saving modes have been carefully designed keeping in mind the smart advanced features to intelligently manage the power usage of the device and optimize its surprisingly attractive features.

It automatically adjusts settings to minimize energy drain and extend battery life by enabling specific power-saving modes, such as reducing brightness and disabling certain functions when the battery is running low. Additionally, the ultra-battery endurance of the device ensures that it can last for extended periods of time on a single charge.

This masterpiece flagship phone comes in two color variants, dark night and Matcha green.

Scion S23 is not only upgraded where necessary, but it also knocked off most of the features that one can find in this price range. Its additional features like Face ID, Side-mounted Fingerprint Sensor, and Triple Card Slot are quite impressive. For such a reasonable price range, the Sion S23 comes with features you’d expect on a premium phone! 



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