People at Vida – Serhii Ladiahin

People at Vida – Serhii Ladiahin

People at Vida with Serhii Ladiahin

Serhii is a Senior Level Professional with 22+ years of exposure in IT, Telecom, and enterprise business. He is highly skilled in Product & technical knowledge in the Telecom domain, having worked with Telcos, Electronics Manufacturing Services, and IT Services across various continents. He’s presently Technical & Product Head at Vida Technologies.

Serhii narrates his journey at Vida as –

I have joined VIDA at the very beginning of the formation of Telecom OEM Division.

At that time, I had the opportunity to bring my expertise and knowledge, as well as help in establishing main pillars on what company will stand on in the future. The journey has been fantastic, having a chance to work with a team of Young, Passionate, Well experienced individuals with high ambitions in Life and Career, as well as Senior mentors in place, helped me to grow myself to a much higher level.

I wish anyone would have loved to get an opportunity to go through the same journey.


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