People at Vida – Vivek Vajpayee

People at Vida – Vivek Vajpayee

People at Vida with Vivek Vajpayee

Vivek is a technology-oriented professional with over 22 years (16 years in Africa) of extensive cross-functional experience in Managing In-Country Sales & Service through our network of Service Partners & localized teams. Over the last few years,
Vivek has initiated to lead and gain more experience in Strategic Planning, Project & Resource Management & Key Account Management. He has achieved year-on-year growth in business and revenue targets across assignments and also has the ability to formulate and implement tactical initiatives to achieve business goals. This makes Vivek our ‘Man Friday’ for Team Vida

Vivek narrates his journey at Vida as –

How has the journey been so far for you in Vida?

It has been an amazing journey so far. I started out in as sales support, but now moved up to Business side and that had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and learn a lot about the business.

What is the thing that you love the most about working with Vida?

“People genuinely care about each other personally and work together as a team The environment is calm and pleasant.”

What values that Vida as a company bought in you that has overall helped in improving any of your habit/personality?

“I am surrounded by a lot of highly motivated and successful people who genuinely care about you, Personally I learn people management which is the best thing that happened to me.”


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