People at Vida – Alisha Govender

People at Vida – Alisha Govender

People at Vida with Alisha Govender

Alisha Govender is a seasoned professional in the retail, OEM, and network industries, with over 23 years of experience. She has worked with renowned companies like MTN, where she gained valuable experience in the African region. Alisha’s expertise in Telecom is a valuable asset to Vida, where she currently serves as the Sales head. Her energy and enthusiasm have had a positive impact on the team, and her knowledge and skills have been instrumental in driving sales and achieving business goals.

Alisha narrates his journey at Vida as –

How has the journey been so far for you in Vida?

My time at Vida thus far has been most significant for me.  The Autonomy, ability to try new ideas, the fast-paced nature……. I love it all.   In a short space of time, Vida has shown me the ropes of how good business is conducted. The support from Leadership as well as colleagues has been amazing.  It is already evident that Vida is a company where the opportunities for advancement are endless!

What is the thing that you love the most about working with Vida?

The unique thing about Vida is the sheer sense of camaraderie and the genuineness behind that.  Vida has an incredible way of Creating exceptional experiences for its Employees and Fitting pieces of the puzzle together – I feel valued.

What values that Vida as a company bought in you that has overall helped in improving any of your habit/personality?

Ownership – Owning what I do – The opportunity to be creative and do things outside of the box. Working collaboratively with people for successful outcomes.


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