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28 Mar 2023

SCION S23 Smartphone – Vida flagship phone where Performance meets Design.

SCION S23 Smartphone – Vida flagship phone where Performance meets Design.  If you’re happy living in Android’s world, or at least don’t mind putting up […]

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13 Mar 2023

People at Vida – Alisha Govender

People at Vida with Alisha Govender Alisha Govender is a seasoned professional in the retail, OEM, and network industries, with over 23 years of experience. […]

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14 Feb 2023

People at Vida – Vivek Vajpayee

People at Vida with Vivek Vajpayee Vivek is a technology-oriented professional with over 22 years (16 years in Africa) of extensive cross-functional experience in Managing […]

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11 Dec 2022

People at Vida – Shiv Kumar Khetan

People at Vida with Shiv Kumar Khetan Shiv Kumar Khetan, a Seasoned Finance Professional and Chartered Accountant from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India […]

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16 Nov 2022

People at Vida – Zhang Xia(Jassie)

People at Vida with Zhang Xia(Jassie) Jassie is a Product & Vendor Development Executive with 6 years of experience in improving sales and customer relationships […]

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07 Nov 2022

Vida & United Wireless make a big splash with MTN Supersonic ‘Air Fibre’ network coverage reaching over 3.4 million households across South Africa

Having launched its new partnership with United Wireless in South Africa, Vida Technologies had set forth huge expectations in terms of growth and market integration […]

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02 Nov 2022

People at Vida – Serhii Ladiahin

People at Vida with Serhii Ladiahin Serhii is a Senior Level Professional with 22+ years of exposure in IT, Telecom, and enterprise business. He is […]

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03 Sep 2021

V Russia-Singapore Business Dialogue

On September 2, 2021, the V Russia-Singapore Business Dialogue was held via videoconference between Singapore and Vladivostok. The Russia-Singapore Business Council, established at the initiative […]

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