3A (Anytime Anywhere Anything) defined mobile office network has become a trend for enterprises due to the increasing demand for high speed Wi-Fi, for supporting email, financing and office software in the enterprises.

The trend of BYOD also pushes the Internet access to be ubiquitous, thus requires seamless coverage, fast roaming and high quality wireless signals.

All the enterprises expect the integrative compatibility, control and management for clients and access points at different areas.


Complex environments and diverse requirements with high-density access capacity.

Various business and applications requiring excellent roaming experience.

Cyber-attack and information leakage threats.

Authority control for various user groups.

Application visibility and control.


High-speed Network

A standard AP normally faces issues like weak signal, drop-off and network pauses which severely affect network efficiency.

Rscan solves those troubles by adopting unique dynamic narrow beam scan with higher concurrent station capacity and auto co-channel and adjacent-channel interference mitigation ( like microwave, Bluetooth etc. ), helping reduce AP numbers that needed and improve the network efficiency.

The particular TurboRF optimization enables Wi-Fi signals to follow with client routes automatically and select the optimal path transmission. Moreover, this provides a variety of products for customer selection which bring about better and personalized wireless experience.

Robust Security Protection

Managing the network has become more difficult as BYOD develops with various type of devices, l ike smart phones, laptops, tablets flood into the network. A wireless network is different from a wired network in a way that anyone in the covered area may detect the signal and wants to get connected. For enterprise IT resources is property and hardly impossible to avoid risk of Account theft, Invalid access, Cyber-attack, etc.

Our product particular VisualSec provides overall visible protection system that supports anti-ARP attack, DDoS protection, Rogue AP detection and Auto WIPS prevention, moreover, guest network and intranet can be ensured with attack source location and reverse tracking.

At the same time, blacklist and white list with specified ACL strategies are supported to reduce data leakage risk.

Rich Authorization Management System

As enterprise grows, the position and department specialization needs to be clarified and different department and position should have different access control.

Our Product provides one-stop solution by flexible and custom access control policy for different roles, user groups and clients.

Application-level Flow Control Supports Multi-application

When the limited office bandwidth are crowed with P2P download and video streams, it will severely affect the working efficiency by preemption of resources of OA and Emails.

Our Product FlowPath dramatically improves bandwidth utilization, as well as providing powerful application recognition library and millions of URL library for rapid recognition of network application and accurate management, thus guarantee high priorities of office applications

Various Authentication Methods

An open office network will bring out risk of information security, and how to manage the guest network is also a lot of headache. Enterprise WLAN needs to be secure enough and easy to manage as well.

Our Product provides flexible user access methods that support social media authorization, Portal authorization, 802.11x authorization, SMS authentication, Active Directory, LDAP, etc. The authentication process is much simplified without repeated authentication.

Application Scenario