Vida seal wireless product series are dedicatedly designed for harsh outdoor wireless applications. Engineered with rugged enclosure and top-spec components, carefully optimized for long-range coverage and robust wireless connectivity, offering a cost-effective, high capacity and reliable outdoor wireless solution.Ideal for deployments in manufacturing plants,industrial automation , convention halls, stadium facilities, airports,school campuses,farming,warehouses,convention centers or other challenging environments that require a robust wireless solution,free from difficult installation, training or performance bottlenecks. The Seal series include the Controller, Base Stations(AIP10 and AIP20), Bridges(AIP5), External Antennas and accessory, which are flexible and ideal for outdoor Wi-Fi coverage and great distances point-to-point/point-to-multipoint deployment. Seal outdoor solutions boast a number of powerful features that significantly enhance performance and reliability, such as the best-in-class smart antenna, tracking filter technology, adaptive TDMA protocol, enhanced QoS optimization, zero-touch provisioning etc. With ultra-high performance, high availability, superior connectivity using patented technology, Seal solutions are the ideal choice for service providers, to quickly scale their network coverage as well as meet the rising demand for high-bandwidth and user capacity.

Solution Highlights

  • Superior Non-LOS, Near-LOS and LOS Performance
  • Ideal for Harsh Outdoor Environments
  • Rscan Smart Antenna Array Technology
  • Patented Tracking RF Filtering
  • Adaptive TDMA Protocol
  • Layer 7 Application Fingerprinting and QoS
  • Automatic RF Optimization with Spectrum Analysis
  • Built-in Carrier & Enterprise Grade Security
  • Zero-touch Provisioning
  • Easy Scalable to City-wide Deployments
  • Cloud and On-premises Centralized Management
Ideal for deploying in these venues:

Longer and Faster Wi-Fi

Seal outdoor products boast Rscan smart antenna and patented tracking-filter technology. The products are combined with improved transmit power and sensitivity. We provide the industry's best coverage and offer a consistent, reliable, and fast wireless access connectivity.

The Seal powerful solutions also provide carrier-grade, ultra long range, and high throughput ptp and ptmp backhaul bridging. Ideal for various applications including video surveillance, traffic management infrastructure, public safety, rural connectivity, municipal networks scenarios.

Unsurpassed Capacity

The booming of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to drive the insatiable needs for user & bandwidth capacity. Seal AIP20 features the latest 802.11ac Wave2 standard and multi-radio design, and boosts the combined RF capacity to up to 5.3Gbps. With the highest access point capacities, we offer a high-density Wi-Fi with superb user experience. At the meantime, it can reduce the amount of equipment deployed by 80% and lower the total cost of ownership by up to 50% versus competitors' products

TurboRF, the WLAN Performance Optimizer

Seal products features powerful TurboRF technology, includes airtime fairness, intelligent load-balancing, auto-RF adjustment, band steering and sticky client elimination etc.

Our patented airtime control mechanisms to control each station airtime so every client gets a fair turn on-air, which prevents the slowest (or the fastest) devices from hogging all the resources. Adaptive WMM employs dynamic contention adaptation algorithms, to minimize the contention window that the AP advertises. This reduces collisions and improves aggregate utilization of the RF medium. TurboRF technology help to create a more reliable and higher-performing WLAN infrastructure for challenging outdoor environments that are high-density utilization and toughest interference.

Intelligent TDMA Traffic allocation

Video Surveillance is a key application for PTMP topology, requiring high capacity and reliable uplink capabilities. Seal TDMA features are purpose-optimized for this applications, providing essential technological advantages:

  • Seal Intelligent TDMA protocol guarantees collision-free operation, offering wired like reliability.
  • Adaptive Uplink/Downlink allocation optimized for such uplink applications.

Centralized Management

Seal outdoor solutions incorporate the Cloud/On-premises management system, which centralizes the management, provisioning, and monitoring of wireless networks, scaling from a small network to a larger and complex network with seamless upgradeability and simplicity.

User friendly and easy to deployed, Our management system provides administrators with the centralized and authoritative network visibility. It is a powerful platform that integrates connectivity, data analysis, and applications together. Managed from the public or private cloud, you can control and monitor your Wi-Fi infrastructure from anywhere and anytime.

Carrier and Enterprise Grade Security

Our VisualSec System deliver industry-leading, end-to-end simplified security. It comes with a set of integrated technologies and capabilities:

  • Main-stream and standards-based security method, such as WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA-E, 802.1X, Active Directory integration, Social Login, Web Portal, SMS authentication etc.
  • Best-in-class rogue AP/device containment and classification solution.
  • Visual DDoS protection provides fast identification and mitigation of attacks.
  • Intelligent mobile security based on its awareness of each user signature, device type and application.

Quickly Deployable

Seal products offer flexibility for deployment using either Gigabit Ethernet, fiber or LTE backhaul.And various power sources such as 48VAC, Power over Ethernet.

Seal products can be deployed virtually anywhere (including building rooftop, rugged terrain, and remote towers), endure network coverage without laying new cabling in difficult-to-deploy environments. Management and administration of a wireless LAN system has never been easier—whether onsite or remote.

Wireless networks deployed in hours or days (instead of weeks or months), eliminating long waiting periods and right-of-way issues associated with cabling for fiber.

FlowPath: Layer 7 QoS

FlowPath integrate layer 7 packet inspection, classification, and control function. It enable administrator to set QoS policies based on client device and traffic type. Prioritize your mission critical applications, while setting limits on recreational traffic.

Rugged Industrial Design

The Seal products is designed and tested for salt spray, vibration, extreme thermal conditions, shock and dust and is IP67-rated, operate from -40° C to 65° C, making it ideal for any extreme environments.

Seal outdoor products guarantee a fast and reliable Wi-Fi service wherever you deploy it.

Use Case: Smart City

Cities around the world are facing a complex challenge to close the digital divide and ensure social inclusion and equal opportunity for all. The municipal government must deliver new smart services to all it citizens, and stimulate economy by attracting and retaining talents and investments.

Additionally, cities have a growing responsibility for greener, more efficient infrastructure management to help maximize city budget and assets, while delivering better, structured investment plans that create value for cities and citizens. Seal Outdoor Solution with its superior long range and outstanding performance, is the best and fastest way to accomplish this mission.

Benefits achieved by using smart city wi-fi:
  • Monitor public locations including parks, libraries, city buildings.
  • Making the entire city a high-speed wireless hot spot, enabling residents, businesses and visitors to enjoy instant Internet access from anytime and anywhere.
  • E-government services delivered to citizens faster and at lower operating expenses. Driving citizen engagement through greater access to city services, education, training, and job opportunities.
  • Improved productivity and service quality, making it easier to attract and retain businesses and talent.

Better life in cities with increased mobility and eciency.

Typical Applications

Public Wi-Fi
Citizens can access the Internet with their smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices when they are in public spaces.

Disaster Management
Monitor aid stations, management oversight. Deter theft, rapid deployment of aid resources and personnel.

City Wide Surveillance
Seal solution provides rapid deployment with no expensive cabling and implementation cost, equivalent to 1/5th of a wire-based surveillance system.

Smart Traffic
Wireless surveillance networks to enable traffic operators with a real-time view of live traffic conditions and incidents, and dramatically reduce response and recovery time.

Location Services
Tourists can receive push information regarding their surroundings to help them better understand the city and its environment, further enlightening their experience.

Use Case: Rural Area

The need for high speed internet for rural communities is critical, not only for the running of agriculture but also for use of residents, family and staff, from social to educational purposes.

However, the expense of cabling such a wide area was going to be totally impractical and uneconomic.Wireless technology would provide the ideal solution.

We offers comprehensive line of AP, backhaul, and CPE products, deliver fiber-like network connectivity to rural residential at the lowest cost-to-performance ratio in the industry.

  Typical Applications

Broadband Backhaul
The rural provider can choose the point-to-point wireless backhaul other than fiber, which proved more cost-efficient and larger capacity.

Equipment Management
With wireless technology, farmers can manage their equipment from a smartphone or laptop from any remote location.

Video Surveillance
Security is incredibly important for farms and other agricultural environments. Wireless Video surveillance can ensure farm operations run smoothly, while protecting animals, equipment and facilities from harm and misuse.

Use Case: Energy & Natural Resources

Energy companies often operate in remote areas where the environment is tough and harsh. The Seal Solutions perfectly meet the booming needs of basic IT connectivity across separate locations, remote video surveillance and plant monitoring, etc. Consequently the Seal helps corporates improve productivity whilst managing their assets on a flexible basis.

Oil extraction, tower, transportation, and refining assets can be spread over hundreds of square kilometers. A highly reliable infrastructure that is able to link these facilities together is key to the operation and success of the business.

In many cases, laying fiber or copper is neither economically or physically viable, and so the deployment of a broadband wireless infrastructure is the obvious option to provide energy companies with a reliable networking and backhaul infrastructure.

Our Seal Outdoor high-performance products have proven themselves in this field and offered innovative solutions for this industry. With our top-notch technologies, we provide highly secured wireless networking solutions with top-notch performance, ensuring reliable communications for critical infrastructure.