Discover Ideas Without Limits

Working together just got a lot easier: introducing the Hoylu Inspiration Suite, an innovative collaboration product that brings your teams and ideas together like never before.

Using the power of the Cloud and infinite workspaces, teams can create new concepts, brainstorm, innovate, solve together, and individually, in the same space.

With support for digital screens, projection systems and personal devices, Hoylu is the critical tool for the modern work space.

  • Engaging Collaboration

    Collaboration is engaging and productive with Hoylu. Our product suite creates a shared environment to easily exchange ideas, information, and solutions increasing productivity.

  • Connecting Everywhere

    Our vision is every team member can fully participate regardless of location or device. Collaboration across multiple locations is key, at work, home, client locations and on the road.

  • Living Workspaces

    When ideas are shared to the Cloud they can be accessed again at any time, in a group or individually. With no limits, ideas have the space to grow and evolve.


Hoylu's platform takes away technology burdens to encourage users to connect and share quickly and easily with the entire team.


Hoylu's innovative user experiences anticipate needs and offer tailored suggestions to get people working faster and smarter.


Hoylu delivers original experiences to make work enjoyable and brings a unique, playful approach to the enterprise.

Every day your company produces countless amounts of unstructered data, much of which is never realized by the business and ultimately lost forever. Hoylu Insight changes all of that by leveraging the power of the Hoylu Inspiration Suite to give your information new life. Displayed on the widescreen Huddlewall or even in the palm of your hand, we bring structure to your unstructured world. View project details at a jobsite, read related commentary from social media or even see live images from cameras at locations around the world... how you want to visualize your data is now completely up to you.

System Requirements

Hoylu Insight can run on any standard screen with an internet connection; from mobile phones to the widescreen Huddlewall display and absolutely everything in between.

To run Hoylu Insight today, you will need:

  • An internet connection
  • Any standard web browser
  • A connected PC or Smart TV
  • Web standard data feeds

Our Promise

Hoylu promises faster, easier and more intuitive ways of getting business done by accelerating and protecting a company's knowledge in a secure and reliable way.

Hoylu's products are easy to learn and rewarding to work with, bringing teams and companies together to offer a higher quality of work life.