• • A Singapore-based subsidiary of Vida Resources Pte Ltd.
  • • Part of a fast-growing USD150 million company.
  • • OEM and global exporters of VIDA mobile products and solutions.
  • • We dream BIG.
  • • We think BIG.
  • • We execute BIG.
  • Combined with our fiery passion in mobile technology and the expert knowledge of the international market, we at Vida Telecom take immense pride in our business.


    To keep it simple...

  • • We innovate, design and produce mobile devices & solutions for enterprises and individuals.
  • • We bring to the world the Best in Class Mobility Solutions at modest prices.
  • • By creating more value for you and your customers through constant innovation.
  • • By creating products and solutions that you not only need, but in fact, desire.
  • • We are not just a corporate entity. We are global citizens and YOU are more than just clients. YOU ARE FAMILY.

Let us help you solve your biggest problems and let us grow together in this new era of innovation to create better solutions for your needs.

Vision & Mission


To provide value-for-money products and best in class service experience for our customers.


To continuously introduce innovative products and services to create value for our customers, opportunities for employees, benefits for stakeholders, and to shoulder responsibility of a true corporate citizen.


Discipline; Sincerity; Integrity; Passion; Teamwork.


Close to the customer; Achieve product excellence; Gain recognition.